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One of St. Vincent Pallotti's favorite Scripture passages was:

"Pray the Lord of the

harvest to send Laborers

into the Vineyard."

   He also reminded us that that there are many ways in which we can help to bring the good news to the people of this world -- News that they are loved by God and no matter who we are. We can be builders of the Kingdom of God -- Apostles! 

   Some may preach and some may build houses and some may care for the sick and some plant, some may water.  There are those who need to weed the garden and there are those who will harvest the crops. All are important and the gifts we have will build up the Body of Christ.  

There will be a time when, it seems, the only thing we can do is pray.  What St. Vincent would say is -- Then you Pray !

There was a good friend of his, Giacomo Salvati, of whom he asked a favor -- He said we need to print some Catechisms to send to Iraq.  Go and ask for Donations...

 Giacomo was very surprised by the results.  In only one day he collected all he needed!

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