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Building a Future with

Bread and Bricks!


     Children are the future, but unless they are fed and receive a proper education there will be little or no future for them or the people of Zambia. The Pallottines at our mission near Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, have taken up the challenge to help the local orphaned, poor and underprivileged children by feeding them and building a school to educate them.

  As mission secretary for our province, Fr. Greg Serwa, SAC recently visited the mission to better understand its needs, and to witness first hand the progress occurring there to make the mission more self-sufficient and helpful to all who come.  Now you can be a part of our efforts to help the children at our mission through your financial support.

May I suggest that you watch the video at the top-right. It is short and will give an idea of what our mission in Zambia is about.  If you wish to assist in our efforts you can also write to us at :

The Pallottines

5424 West Bluemound Road

            Milwaukee, WI 53208          Or

Donate Online



We care for the present and future needs of the of the world in regard to religion, when we are actively engaged in works of mercy, in order to further the temporal happiness of people and to care for the eternal salvation of all in a most efficacious way.

-St. Vincent Pallotti

Three mission Churches

The children of our missions are grateful for all the efforts that are made on their behalf!

Your help will enable us to feed them and to make bricks, buy mortar, windows, roofing and all those other

things needed to build a school in Zambia. With your gift there is so much more we can do for these children. Please help!

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