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As a Pallottine Father or Brother you will be called to sacrifice the need for personal power and possessions, the option of marriage and other choices.  Life in the Pallottine Community is fulfilled through each member’s unique contribution in furthering the Church’s mission to renew faith and rekindle love.

Discerning your call to become a Pallottine requires prayer and reflection.  Walking with God allows you to better understand how the Lord is working in your life.  Personal prayer offers strong support in any major life defining decision.  Seek the prayerful support of family and friends as a component in your decision.  Listen and you will hear what God has planned for you.

Spiritual direction is also a powerful means of discerning the Lord’s call in your life.  A spiritual director will help you better understand where God is leading you and encourage you to live a deeper spiritual life faithfully responding to the Lord.

We offer discernment retreats and other programs designed to assist you in your vocational decision.  These programs help you focus on your feelings and assist you in determining whether your desires are genuine and realistic.

What does it mean to become a priest in today's Church?

May I invite you to watch a video produced here in Milwaukee at St. Francis Seminary  where  we invite  our  men  also to take part in  many  programs  offered  for  Pallottines  studying for the Priesthood!

                  ll, great and small,                   nobility and common                    people, superiors and                    subjects, learned and illiterate, rich and poor, priest and laity, secular and religious clergy, whether in community or in solitude, in their condition and position into which God placed them, can somehow, but always meritoriously, exercise the apostolate of Jesus Christ.

 - St. Vincent Pallotti