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Formation Program

The Pallottines of the Mother of God Province maintain a formation community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where those preparing for the priesthood and brotherhood pursue their theological, technical and pastoral training. We welcome dedicated and faith filled men to join us on our journey of growth and formation.

The following outlines our formation program:

The Contact Stage:

When you sense God is calling you to the Pallottines, you begin your contact with our vocation director.  After meeting members of the community, you, with the support of the vocation director, will begin to discern a response to God’s call.


Upon completion of all your high school requirements, you may choose to live in one of our communities for period of up to one year while you continue to study and experience the Pallottine Life.

Preparatory Formation:

This two-year program, sometimes called Novitiate, enables you to continue your formation in community life, further your formal education and create a solid spiritual foundation.  One year is the “Academic Year” in which you will continue with Theological Studies and / or other specialized training.  The “Spiritual Year” is one of intense prayer and reflection in which you will prepare for life as a Pallottine.

Temporary Consecration:

During this period you will live the life of a professed member of the Pallottine Community.  It consists of at least 3 years but not more that 6 years in which you will complete your studies and training in preparation for perpetual consecration.  At this time, for Pallottine Brothers, full time ministry begins, while Pallottine Seminarians prepare for ordination.

Ongoing Formation:

The Pallottines realize that growth in life and faith is a lifetime journey.  Through your ministry you may be called to continue your education in a particular field of endeavor.  As Pallottines we are called to continue our spiritual formation as well.  Retreats and ongoing spiritual enrichment programs are made available as part of your Pallottine Life. 


What Is the Life & Vocation of a Brother?

Brother Jim Scarpace, S.A.C.

To ask the question, "What is a brother?" is often to invite the negative response, "A brother is a religious who is not a priest.", as if being a brother means being something "less" than a person who has been ordained. Now, that really hasn't answered the question at all, has it?

So, let's begin again and see if we can find out just what a brother IS. A brother is a person who has basically consecrated himself to following Christ through vows or promises of poverty, chastity and obedience, and who lives in fraternal community with other men. It is his consecration to this new way of life that defines who he is. What job he has or does becomes secondary to his lifestyle.

It is interesting that in communities which are comprised completely of brothers each member is normally seen as one among many equals, and if he has the talents, abilities and education necessary, he can take on any job any other brother is doing.

 Although all these jobs were important for the life of the community, somewhere along the way some religious began to consider the work that the priests did as "more important" or on a higher plane than that of the brothers. As this mentality was allowed to persist, brothers gradually came to be seen more and more as "second class citizens" or "servants to the priests". Not a good thing!

Since Vatican II and the push for renewal in all religious communities, the role of a brother has emerged in a new light. Areas of ministry once dominated by priests (who are in short supply these days) are now being taken over by brothers. Many brothers now bring communion to the sick, and visit the home bound and those in hospitals. Today brothers assume more roles of authority within their own religious communities, and go on to receive Masters and PhD degrees.

As the brothers' roles within their communities change, so too do the attitudes toward them. Once again priests and brothers are seen more and more as equals. The important criteria is no longer what job each one does, or who is or who isn't ordained, but how each lives his consecration to Christ. Herein lies the key to the life and vocation of a brother.

A brother leaves the world behind for Christ. He wants to lead a simple life, a prayerful life, a life of mutual support within his religious community, and a life of service to God's people. A brother makes Christ the focus of his life through the way he lives his life.

have come that they might have life and have it to the full.

John 10:10

  By contrast, in communities that have both priests and brothers, history has shown that brothers have traditionally taken on more secondary or assistant roles to the priests in their ministries. In such communities there were many jobs a brother would not be able to or be allowed to perform because they have not received the sacrament of Holy Orders. While "Father" was out preaching, saying Mass, hearing confessions, administrating the sacraments, the brother stayed inside the "monastery walls" and did the work of cook, carpenter, doorkeeper, plumber, mechanic, etc.

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