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National Service Day

In order to coordinate our efforts and be sure to have enough food prepared for our lunch we ask you to contact either:

Lenny Schaefer at or Jamine Truss at

April 21is the the Birthday of

St. Vincent Pallotti

Images of St. Vincent

 Lord, may it not be

just  lip service what I say  about you

 ...but that I truly believe it, and that

I am deeply convinced of it in my heart.

-- St. Vincent Pallotti

2018 National Service Week

The History of National Service Day dates back to about  2003 when the National Coordinating Committee of the UAC suggested that we promote a Day of Service in our Various Groups and Cenacles.  St. Vincent Pallotti's birthday falls on April 21st, very close to Earth Day. The idea was to mark St. Vincent's birthday each year with a united effort throughout the country.  What better way to honor our inspired leader than to present him with a gift of service to others in his name. 

We will have our usual Pot-Luck Lunch after the 10:00 Mass on Sunday April 22nd in the Parish Center.  

We invite anyone who wishes to join us as a Pallottine Family, share a meal and conversation about how, in our fragmented society we can help heal, serve to build the community through some act of service during these days.  This was the vision of St. Vincent  the Love of Christ urges us on.  

What kind of Service:

These are only examples drawn from what was done in the past. Use your imagination and gather friends and family to help you.  St. Vincent always looked at the needs of people in his own time and tried to respond to them.

   Here is a story from last year…  I called a friend of mine who is homebound and often feels lonely  I know she appreciates the time, the hour, which lifts her spirit and sometimes she asks me to pick up her prescriptions too.   Little Things Count  

   I’m a member of St. Vincent de Paul Society. I help visit the poor and try to help them with the things (food, furniture, etc.) they need the most. It’s a good feeling to know that we gave them some help