Caritas Christi

St. Vincent Pallotti used to remind his friends and followers that when we join our good deeds together, they have a more far-reaching effect.

Caritas Christi - The Love of Christ Urges Us On - forms the basic inspiration of the Caritas Christi Community.  This inspiration is the same motivation that St. Vincent Pallotti (1795 - 1850) felt in his own life as he labored for the Church.  He was best known as a preacher and confessor.  During Parish Missions he touched many who had minimal contact with the Church.  He became known as "the apostle of Rome."  Despite  his numerous activities, Pallotti never lost sight of the untold needs of people.  He frequently came with aid for the poor, comforted the sick and dying, visited prisons and opened homes for abandoned children.  All of this was an enormous task, so Vincent invited the help of priests, religious and lay people to help him with Christ's mission.  It is this same inspiration and motivation that the members of the Caritas Christi Community wish to grow in.

Caritas Christi, a part of the Union of the Catholb7zdm3sjqkfd5hkax09322xvj7l.jpgic Apostolate is a group of lay people and clergy who work together to promote the vision of St. Vincent Pallotti. 

With Mary, Queen of Apostles, as our model we seeks to promote both the awareness and the mission that all the baptized are sent as workers in the Lord's vineyard.  St. Vincent Pallotti taught that we must meet to support one another in the mission of Christ, as the Lord has called on us individually and as the Holy Spirit prompts us to work as a group.