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The Pallottine Prayer Network consists of men and women, youth and elders, religious and laity, along with families who are willing to set aside a few minutes each day to pray for the needs of the world, our Church, our government and religious leaders, the poor and the rich, those suffering from addictions and abuse, the immigrants and outcasts, the hungry, sick and dying, the homeless, the lonely and the stranger.  These intentions, along with other requests and personal needs, are prayed for daily by all members of the Prayer Network.

We invite you to learn more about this great network of prayer.  The power of prayer is extraordinary, so we ask you to please consider joining us and becoming a member of the Pallottine Prayer Network. Each member receives a certificate of membership, a wallet-sized membership card, and every three months all members receive a listing of prayer requests. In addition, members also receive a card of prayer and reflection on a special theme for each month. 

This month's theme is: "TO PRACTICE BEING KIND"

REFLECTION for September 2018:

I suppose the phrase "Practice Being Kind" seems about as ridiculous as saying, "Practice breathing or eating."  Why would we have to practice being kind?

Well, like so many things we do in life, we have become experts at doing what we do BECAUSE we have been practicing for years -- even if we weren't consciously aware of it.  Many people continually use swear words when they talk. Why?  Because they repeat them over and over again every time they say something.  After awhile, swearing just becomes a bad habit.

How does one become a sloppy housekeeper?  Very easily - by constantly leaving a mess and not making the effort to clean it up.  After some time, being messy is how we do things.

It makes sense then, if we want to be a kind and caring person, it will require practice - making time for others and purposely doing nice things for them.  Let us ask for God's grace to practice being kind.

PRAYER for September 2018:

L:  "Each one must give as one has decided, not reluctantly or under compulsion,

R:   For God love a cheerful giver."  (2 Cor 9:7)

Jesus, our loving Savior, we know that we are creatures of habit. The good that we accomplish in life is often the result of many years of repeated actions and deeds.  Just as athletes must practice constantly to improve and perfect their skills, so we too must continually strive to become more loving people through the way we treat others.

Today we ask you to help us make conscious efforts to be kinder and more caring about those who are, or will become, a part of our lives.

Help us seek out opportunities to give others a helping hand, to rejoice with them in their joys, to grieve with them in their sorrows, and to be people who truly care about their welfare.  May we go beyond just doing "random acts of kindness" to making our concern for others an integral part of our lives.


(Prayer and Reflection published with Ecclesiastical Permission.)

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