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The Pallottine Prayer Network consists of men and women, youth and elders, religious and laity, along with families who are willing to set aside a few minutes each day to pray for the needs of the world, our Church, our government and religious leaders, the poor and the rich, those suffering from addictions and abuse, the immigrants and outcasts, the hungry, sick and dying, the homeless, the lonely and the stranger.  These intentions, along with other requests and personal needs, are prayed for daily by all members of the Prayer Network.

We invite you to learn more about this great network of prayer.  The power of prayer is extraordinary, so we ask you to please consider joining us and becoming a member of the Pallottine Prayer Network. Each member receives a certificate of membership, a wallet-sized membership card, and every three months all members receive a listing of prayer requests. In addition, members also receive a card of prayer and reflection on a special theme for each month. 

This month's theme is: "PRAYER FOR QUIET TIME"

REFLECTION for October 2018muzl5jdbjuwsqzj6vxx060evh1l.jpg

Fall is a wonderful time of the year.  Mother nature is most colorful and things are starting to quiet down.  The days get shorter and the plants and animals are bedding down for the winter.  The busyness of summer is ending, so it's time for us to focus on prayer.

Imagine just sitting quietly with some soft music playing and relaxing without having a trouble in the world to worry about?   Oh, I think we all have longed for those moments.

There is something to be said about quiet time for ourselves.  We can feel the strain and stress of the day fade away.  The tension and pains in our body just disappear and we breathe easier.  Quiet time gives us a chance to think, to ponder and be at peace within ourselves.  It can also be a time to relax with God and reflect about our day and how things are going.

This month let us pray that we may find some time to be at peace with ourselves and our God.

PRAYER for October 2018

L:  And rising early in the morning, while it was still dark.

R: Jesus departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.  (Mk 1:35-37)

Jesus, our loving Savior, you knew full well the value and need for quiet time in your life.  More than once in the Gospels we read about you leaving the company of your disciples and going off by yourself to be with your prayers and your innermost thoughts.

We ask you to guide and help us also to seek out quiet times and places in our lives.  Our world is filled with many things that keep us so distracted and busy that often we have little time left over for ourselves.  Help us to put our distractions aside, if only for a while, so that we may renew and refresh our inner spirits.

Grant that one day we may live in everlasting peace with you and the Father and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

(Prayer and Reflection published with Ecclesiastical Permission.)

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