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The Pallottine Prayer Network consists of men and women, youth and elders, religious and laity, along with families who are willing to set aside a few minutes each day to pray for the needs of the world, our Church, our government and religious leaders, the poor and the rich, those suffering from addictions and abuse, the immigrants and outcasts, the hungry, sick and dying, the homeless, the lonely and the stranger.  These intentions, along with other requests and personal needs, are prayed for daily by all members of the Prayer Network.

We invite you to learn more about this great network of prayer.  The power of prayer is extraordinary, so we ask you to please consider joining us and becoming a member of the Pallottine Prayer Network. Each member receives a certificate of membership, a wallet-sized membership card, and every three months all members receive a listing of prayer requests. In addition, members also receive a card of prayer and reflection on a special theme for each month. 

This month's theme is: "PRAYER TO BE CHEERFUL"

REFLECTION for December 2018

vnxfxcekkjbckzp57kurbgf3ehl.jpgHave you ever noticed how some people always seem to be happy and have a positive outlook on life while other walk around looking like the "Grinch that stole Christmas"?  I think we all have our good days and our bad ones. The trick is to try and have many more good ones than bad ones.

It seems that having a 'prayer to be cheerful' would be appropriate for the month of December with all the wonderful songs, decorations and lights around at this time of year which help to make our lives a little more upbeat and happy.

I try my hardest to get into the spirit of the Christmas season early so that I can have more time to be cheerful and perhaps let some of the more unpleasant things slip away.  I know that when I'm cheerful, I feel healthier, have more energy and smile more!

As we celebrate the joyful birth of Christ may we infect others with our cheerfulness.

PRAYER for December 2018

L:  Rejoice in the Lord always;

R: Again I say it, rejoice.  (Phil. 4:4)

Lord our God, help us to be cheerful.  Let us look upon a setting sun and rejoice in its beauty.  
Let us breathe in the fragrance of the flowers and delight in their lingering scents.

Let us welcome a hug from a loved one, and be joyful in the comfort it gives us.
Let us reach out to others in need and feel the warmth within our hearts.

Let us walk among your creation and lift up our spirits in praise of your goodness.
Let us relish the love and companionship of family and friends, and be joyful in their concern for our well-being and happiness.

Let us rejoice in the birth of your Son, Jesus Christ, and experience the joy of his coming among us. 
Let us find joy in the knowledge that You have called us back to you through His death and resurrection.

Heavenly Father, grant that we may be cheerful in this life and one day live in eternal happiness with You and your Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

(Prayer and Reflection published with Ecclesiastical Permission.)

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