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It was over twenty-five years ago when one of the Pallottine Fathers was inspired with the idea to begin The PALLOTTINE PRAYER NETWORK.  His dream was to connect as many people as he could to join in prayer for the intentions of one another and our world.  His dream became a reality when invitations were sent out to people asking them to join this special prayer group.  The response was great and has grown throughout the years.  There are now almost 500 members of the PALLOTTINE PRAYER NETWORK who are spread from Hawaii to New York, and Puerto Rico to North Dakota -- and of course, hundreds of members in between. Together the members pray a daily prayer and pray for the intentions that are sent to them.  There is such power in prayer and we celebrate the inspiration of this humble and prayerful Pallottine who began this prayer connection from sea to shining sea.  Please continue reading more details about our  PRAYER NETWORK...  

The PALLOTTINE PRAYER NETWORK consists of men and women, youth and elders, religious and laity, along with many families who are willing to set aside a few minutes each day to pray for the needs of the world, our Church, our government and religious leaders, the poor and the rich, those suffering from addictions and abuse, the immigrants and outcasts, the hungry, sick and dying, the homeless, the lonely and the stranger.  These intentions, along with other requests and personal needs, are prayed for daily by all members of the PALLOTTINE PRAYER NETWORK.

The power of prayer is extraordinary, so please consider becoming a member.  Each member receives a certificate of membership, a wallet-sized membership card and every three months all members receive a listing of prayer requests.  In addition, members also receive a card of prayer and reflection on a special theme for each month. 

There is an address listed at the bottom of this page for you to send in your request to join us and/or there is a computer link at the bottom of this page for you to "click on" and register to become a member of the PALLOTTINE PRAYER NETWORK.  God bless you!

This month's theme for November is: Prayer for our Guardian Angel

Each day in our Pallottine community prayers, we say a prayer to our guardian angel.  Some people might think that to be a little strange - grown men praying to angels.  But then again, for many people angels fall into the same category as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny - nice things for kids to believe in, but certainly not worth the time of sophisticated adult.

It is not my job here to debate the existence of angels.  I just want to share my faith belief in them basded on the many biblical stories in which they are mentioned and on the fact that the church over the centuries has honored them in liturgical celebrations.

If we believe that God watches over us and cares for each one of us as a loving Father, it only reinforces my love for Him to think that He would assign a special guardian to watch over each one of us.  So I offer you a prayer to these heavenly protector.

PRAYER for November 2022

L: The Lord sends forth His messengers

R: To watch over his people.

O Angel of God, sent by the Father to be my Guardian and Guide, be my protector throughout this day and night.

Walk with me always as I travel the pathway of my earthly existence.  Keep me safe from all danger and harm.  Help me resist the temptations that could turn me away from a deeper love of God and my neighbor.  Guide my footsteps along the way that leads to eternal life, that I may do and say only those things pleasing to God, the Almighty Creator.

Be at my side, especially at the last moments of my life, that I may complete my journey home to the Father, free from worry and fear.  O diligent Guardian of my soul, may the life I live in this world be an expression of my gratitude to God for the mercy and love He has shown me in sending you as my Guide.  Praise be to Him forever.  Amen.

(Prayer and Reflection published with Ecclesiastical Permission.)

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