Vocation Discernment

As a Pallottine Father or Brother you will be called to sacrifice the need for marriage, personal power and possessions.  Life in the Pallottine Community is fulfilled through each member’s unique contribution in furthering the Church’s mission to renew faith and rekindle love.Discerning your call to become a Pallottine requires prayer and reflection which helps you to better understand how the Lord is working in your life. 
As you walk this journey...

  • Spend significant time in personal prayer which offers strong support in any major life defining decision.
  • Be still and listen. Be patient and you will hear what God has planned for you. 
  • Seek the prayerful support of family and friends as a component in your decision. 
  • Find a spiritual director to help you better understand where God is leading you.
  • Attend a discernment retreat to assist you in your vocational decision. (We can help you find a retreat.) Contact Fr. Leon
  • Attend other programs to help you focus on your feelings and assist you in determining whether your desires are genuine and realistic. (We can help you to find an appropriate program.) Contact Fr. Leon
  • Attend a COME AND SEE weekend.  Contact Fr. Leon
    • It is free of any pressure or commitment and is designed to give you an introduction to Pallottine life so that you may make an informed vocation choice whenever or whatever that may be. 
    • You will meet and pray with the Pallottine Priests and Brothers of the Mother of God Province. 
    • You will have the opportunity to learn more about St. Vincent Pallotti and the charism of the Pallottines so you may better discern your vocation
      • Accommodations include a private room with linens and towels
      • Meals are included.  

A Vocation Prayer

God, our creator, you have given me the gift of life.

Through Baptism you invite me to share that gift of life in service to others.

Be with me as I choose each day to show your presence to all I meet.

Please guide me and help me to know the vocation to which you are calling me.

Give me the generosity and courage to respond to you so that I might live life fully, enriching others along the way.