Shrine of St. Vincent Pallotti


xhlvc27vvrmuux1nmjbezr0rall.jpg Following in the spirit of St. Vincent Pallotti,
we strive to re-enkindle faith and charity
in the lives of Catholics 
and all those we meet
as we share the message that
ALL are CALLED to be Apostles for Christ.  


This simple Shrine, with a beautiful icon of St. Vincent Pallotti, is located in St. Vincent Pallotti East Church at 5424 W. Bluemound Rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This is a special and quiet place of prayer which encourages those who visit to help build God's kingdom through both private and communal prayer.

Placed near the small altar is a basket that holds personal petitions from many in the parish and also those who send us their special intentions and ask us to pray for them.  Each day these prayer requests are remembered in the prayer of our Pallottine community.  We are united in prayer, and each day along with those who entrust us with this mission of prayer we also ask for the increase of Faith, Hope, Love and Charity in our world.      

Click on this link to send us your prayer intentions.
We will pray with you and for you!